The Southern Bookseller Review brings you half a dozen great books to add to your already teetering bedside stack.  Recommended by Southern indie booksellers, in the belief that there is a book for every reader.


In praise of all the evil villain’s henchmen.

Last week’s appearance on Reader Meet Writer with David Zucchino is now available to view. In Wilmington’s Lie he provides some deep but important context for recent events.

Also available is Allan Gurganus’s talk with Wiley Cash about his latest book, The Uncollected Stories. Gurganus is thoughtful and empathetic about the writing life and the forces that drive him to tell the kinds of stories he tells. Every person’s inner storyteller — and we all have one — will find inspiration in what he has to say.

There are also only 12 more days to place your vote for the books you think deserve to be called “The Best Southern Book of the Year.” Voting allows you to enter into a raffle to win a complete set of the finalist books — all fifteen of them. That is enough books to keep any reader happy for at least a couple weeks! Cast your ballot at

In this issue:
Bookseller Buzz: Hench by Natalie Zina Walschot
Reviews of Burnt Sugar by Anvi Doshi, The Sea in Winter by Christine Day, The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis, Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo, To Be Honest by Michael Leviton, and The Merciful by Jon Sealy

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