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Tag! You’re It!


The Southern Bookseller Review recently passed a milestone when it published its 250th bookseller review two days ago: Lala’s Words by Gracy Zhang. Angie Tally of The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines in North Carolina says:

Lala’s kind words, patience, and maybe just a little bit of magic make a tiny patch of dirt into a beautiful place in this delightful picture book that celebrates kindness, fortitude and gentleness. Perfect for Earth Day or every day, Lala’s Words will inspire young readers to plant seeds of kindness wherever they go.

Lala's Words

Lala’s Words is tagged “Children” “Fantasy” and “Parents” — it is the first book on the site to have that last tag. Tags are given to a book review by the publisher and the reviewer, and sometimes by the SBR staff.

To date, about 40 independent bookstores from 11 southern states have begun regularly publishing book reviews on SBR. Over 200 tags have been added to the site, from Action & Adventure to Young Adult. Some of the most popular ones are “Southern” “Romance” and “Historical Fiction.” But it is the the less common tags that are perhaps the most intriguing: “Golf” “Dragons” “Afrofuturism” “Road Trips.”

What’s your favorite thing? There’s probably a tag for that.

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