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The Soulmate Equation

The Reader Meet Writer Author Series has a rich and exciting June schedule. On June 8th the author duo “Christina Lauren” will be talking about their new romance novel, The Soulmate Equation. This book has been a huge hit with Southern booksellers, see some of their comments below in the “Book Buzz” feature.

On June 3rd, this coming Tuesday, is Will Johnson, whose debut novel If Or When I Call is a favorite with the Reader Meet Writer host Wiley Cash. Some of you may know Johnson as a musician who has played in several bands, including Centro-matic and Monsters of Folk. (He’s also an artist who loves to paint pictures of baseball). Johnson says that If Or When I Call is “… a family story—an account of working people, struggling with their respective battles in a place (rural Missouri) that a lot of people might not ever think about.”

If or When I Call with Will Johnson
Thu Jun 3rd 7:00pm – 8:00pm | REGISTER

On Jun 10th, RMW welcomes Natalie Baszile. Readers may remember her as the author of Queen Sugar, or have seen the mini-series based on that novel. We Are Each Other’s Harvest is a different animal: a collection of essays, poetry, stories, and conversations around the theme of Black farming, land reclamation and legacy, the book speaks directly to many of the communities within the reach of Southern readers. It is also a delicious “foodie” book with a fascinating on-the-ground look at some very creative, visionary, (and stubborn!) people.

Natalie Baszile, author of We Are Each Other’s Harvest, for Thursday, June 10th at 7:00 PM. | REGISTER

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