Spotlight on: Salvage This World by Michael Farris Smith


Michael Farris Smith, photo credit Philippe Matsas

What you see in the opening pages is the thing that kind of just sticks in my head that I can’t get rid of….this image of a woman standing staring at thunder clouds, with a kid on her hip and the wind blowing and dust in her hair. Something just grabbed hold of me about that image: who she was, what she was doing, what kind of trouble they might be in.” ―Michael Farris Smith, Interview, Poisoned Pen Bookstore

Salvage the World by Michael Farris Smith

What booksellers are saying about Salvage the World

  • Phenomenal! I read this book in one day. Could not put it down, Very gritty, realistic portrayal of a young woman who ran away with the bad boy, leaving her Dad. Now alone with a young child to protect she must flee her home. With bullets blazing and a dead body in the back of the car she stole she must go back and have her Dad help. Can she repair her relationship with her Dad? Can she escape the men after her.
      ― Suzanne Lucey from Page 158 Books in Wake Forest, North Carolina | Buy from Page 158 Books

  • A gripping tale that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the end.
      ―Rae Ann Parker from Parnassus Books in Nashville, Tennessee | Buy from Parnassus Books

  • Salvage This World presents an apocalyptic vision of a hurricane ravaged south. A perfect setting to test the mettle of an estranged family forced to reconcile all the pain and anger they’ve accumulated over the years in order to escape the coming storm, both literal and metaphorical. Brutal, unforgiving, and utterly compelling to the very end!
      ―Todd Mullins, Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, North Carolina | Buy from Quail Ridge Books

About Michael Farris Smith

Michael Farris Smith is an award-winning writer whose novels have appeared on Best of the Year lists with Esquire, NPR, Southern Living, Garden & Gun, Book Riot, and numerous other outlets. He has also written the feature-film adaptations of his novels Desperation Road and The Fighter, titled for the screen as Rumble Through the Dark. He lives in Oxford, Mississippi, with his wife and daughters.

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