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Red Hood by Elana K. Arnold

Damsel messed me up beyond all belief, so when I heard about Red Hood, I knew I needed it in my hands immediately. It did not disappoint one bit, and I can’t quite find the words to explain just how it made me feel. It made me cringe, it made me angry, and above all it had me on the tips of my toes the entire time. Arnold has this innate talent to take fairy tales and rip them apart to tell you a new one that you didn’t know you needed, one that actually puts women in a position of power. Men think we want to be queens and princesses when really we just want to be able to protect ourselves and the women that can’t protect themselves. She just gets it.

Red Hood by Elana K. Arnold, (List Price: 10.99, Balzer+Bray, 9780062742360, February 2020)

Reviewed by Caitlyn Vanorder, Bookmarks in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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