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We Know You Remember by Tove Alsterdal

If you like Scandinavian crime novels, you will love We Know You Remember. Eira has come back to her small hometown to join the local police force after a number of years in Stockholm. A new murder brings back old memories and nightmares about the rape and murder of a young girl just a few years older than Eira when it occurred 20 years earlier. A crime that the small town has never forgotten. The story of the long-ago crime is skillfully woven with the current murder and Eira’s is forced to question a lot of things that she was told that may not have been true. It is not surprising that We Know You Remember won the best Swedish Crime Novel of the year award.

We Know You Remember by Tove Alsterdal (List Price: $17.99, Harper Paperbacks, 9780063115071, December 2022)

Reviewed by Nancy McFarlane, Fiction Addiction in Greenville, South Carolina

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