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Zero Days by Ruth Ware

Gabe and Jacinta are professional "hackers" hired by companies to investigate security weaknesses. After one such investigation, Jacinta returns home to find Gabe murdered. When Jacinta realizes she’s the prime suspect, she runs, trying to survive long enough to discover who murdered Gabe and why. You will be racing with her, pursuing the culprit in an effort to prevent his escape and stop Zero Day and disaster. You may recognize this story as a 21st century version of the movie, The Fugitive, with similar action and suspense. Zero Days…another exciting thriller by Ruth Ware!

Zero Days by Ruth Ware, (List Price: 29.99, Gallery/Scout Press, 9781982155292, June 2023)

Reviewed by Karen Solar, Copperfish Books in Punta Gorda, Florida

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